Red Ramair PRORAM Performance Induction Kit Ford Focus RS MK3

 483,84 incl. btw


This is an induction kit for the Ford Focus (MK3) 2.3 RS 2015-2019.


  • Unlike some other kits our intake system maintains a 76mm diameter pipework from filter to turbo whilst allowing the engine cover to remain fitted without cutting or modification.
  • Unlike some other kits ours allows connection of the factory re-circ pipe without additional hardware and hoses. Our kit has a CNC machined mount for the factory air intake sensor, allowing for a clean ‘OEM-Plus’ look.
  • This kit mounts to standard factory mounting points and rubbers.
  • The heat shield helps maintian low intake temperatures by providing a barrier between the air filter and the rest of the engine bay.
  • This kit directs the air from the factory cold feed around the cone filter.

What Does It Do?

This induction kit will increase the airflow into the turbo while increasing engine noise over the restrictive factory air intake system. This kit includes everything required for the fitting of the induction kit.

What Will I Get?

Ramair Filters utilise the top-quality components in all their kits see below for what this kit will include:

  • Black laser cut precision folded heat shield, designed to fit directly into the OEM standard airbox mounting points and rubbers without the need for modifciation
  • ProRam pleated aliminium base filter
  • Aliminium intake hard pipe that maintains 76mm diameter all the way back to the turbo inlet.
  • Full fitting kit with easy step by step instructions, includes all nuts, bots, hose clamps and silicone hose connectors.


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